Harland Allen


I’ve been a professional musician / entertainer since 1977. At that time I was playing acoustic guitar and singing songs by artists like James Taylor and Cat Stevens, along with my favorite country and folk songs. Since then I have performed as a soloist, in duos, trios and in four and five piece bands.

A few years ago I returned to my roots as a solo acoustic performer playing my acoustic guitar and singing a number of cover songs along with my originals. I have a beautiful baritone voice with a near two octave vocal range (well beyond two octaves when singing falsetto) and an old style country / rockabilly guitar playing style. The cover songs I play range from James Taylor and Cat Stevens music to Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers. My original songs are old style country (some crying in your beer songs) ballads, love songs, lost love songs. In the past couple of years I have also been pursuing a career as an actor. In that time I have had speaking parts in local and state television commercials, a web series and a short film.