AcesEights Aug 18If you are looking for artists that will bring the nostalgia of folk/country/Americana music to your venue, festival, or event you won’t need to look any further than Aces & Eights Music. Aces & Eights is a roots music duo from the Black Hills of South Dakota. They have opened up for names you know and love. They host their own concert series; Black Hills Opry, which is a signature grand ol’ opry style theater with national and regional guests on stage with them. They play State Fairs, theaters, festivals and more. They have been featured multiple times on South Dakota Public Radio, In the Moment.  Also featured on South Dakota Public Broadcasting television in May 2018 No Cover No Minimum. Their CD, No FLuff Added, won CD of the year with National Traditional Country Music Association and SD Country Music Hall of Fame.

Aces & Eights is committed to bringing back the roots of country music. Listeners find themselves on a journey back to a simpler time when country music was authentic; no fluff added. This very tradition reveals itself in the masterful guitar licks, old time banjo and sweet mandolin melodies in correlation with the strong leads and beautiful harmonies of Aces & Eights.

I grew up playing music around the kitchen table on Saturday nights when the relatives would come over for supper. Hank, Merle, and George songs filled the house in addition to the laughter and great food. Clearly my roots are in classic country music and because of that, there is no hiding that country twang in my voice. I love to sing the traditional music of Lacy J. Dalton, Emmy Lou Harris, Tanya Tucker, Kathy Mattea, and Tammy Wynette. I take great pleasure in keeping the classic country sound alive in playing the country greats! What a journey it has been to team up with Harlan Allen in Aces & Eights since October 2015. I bring to the duo banjo, mandolin, and guitar. One could say that Kim is addicted to country music and she would respond, “Yes I would have to agree.” Long live classic country music!

I’ve been a professional musician and entertainer since 1977. At that time I was playing acoustic guitar and singing songs by artists like James Taylor and Cat Stevens, along with my favorite country and folk songs. Since then I have performed as a soloist, in duos, trios and in four and five piece bands. A few years ago I returned to my roots as a solo acoustic performer playing my acoustic guitar and singing a number of cover songs along with my originals. I have a beautiful baritone voice with a near two octave vocal range (well beyond two octaves when singing falsetto) and an old style country / rockabilly guitar playing style. The cover songs I play range from James Taylor and Cat Stevens music to Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers. My original songs are old style country (some crying in your beer songs) ballads, love songs, lost love songs. In the past couple of years I have also been pursuing a career as an actor. In that time I have had speaking parts in local and state television commercials, a web series and a short film

“America is bombasted with the phony these days, but being a gambler for every CD I listen to, hoping for the real deal, the best one so far is “Aces and Eights” who are not only totally ‘retro’ they have all the elements that make that word reliable and honest.

Bob Everhart, President of NTCMA for 42 years. (National Traditional Country Music Association)

I was entranced. I was only going to listen to a couple songs, but listened to them all. There is a purist sound and vibe to this album. The arranging, the vocals, the harmony are like Oh Brother Where Art Thou meets Kasey Musgraves…really!
Francie Ganje, Producer of the American Heritage of The West Performance Series

Aces and Eights from South Dakota are without a doubt one of the most interesting ‘true’ country artists I’ve had the real pleasure of listening to in a long long time. I remember well the first album they sent me to see what I thought of what they were doing, and I was astounded that there are voices and instrument players (a duet they are) that still produce such a warm relevant musical project with such interesting and beautiful co-produced melodies, original songs, with such an original approach to some classic country songs.
Country Music News International

Overall I was highly impressed with Aces & Eights. They really accomplished their goal for this album, which was to create a classic country album with fun, loving and creative lyrics and stories. The Heart Of Country Music album kept me engaged and wanting more from beginning to end.
Anthony Barksdale, Indie Nation

I just want to tell you honestly, typically I run from country music. But sitting there last night listening to you I fell madly in love with your duet and your music. In fact, I took three videos to post immediately on the resort website to show everyone they were quite possibly missing the best show of the year.
P.J. Bahr Hart Ranch Resort